• Strategic Planning
• Economic Forecasting and Impact Studies
• Market and Financial Feasibility
• Site Selection
• Target Industry Studies
• Redevelopment and Revitalization
• Expansion or Workout Strategies
• Real Estate Support Services
• Project Positioning
• Mortgage Market Evaluations
• Integrated Logistics Support
• Accounting Systems and Controls
• New Project Development
• Financial Planning

Infinity Design Builders, Inc. uses this Management Plan in the administration of the preconstruction and/or construction process for all projects for which we are selected as the contractor. These areas include the General Outline and the Detailed Description. This plan is a compilation of input from all of Infinity’s principal officers. The plan is time-proven, as developed over 15 years by the day-to-day demands of contract experience.

Infinity believes that the effective management of the preconstruction and construction process’ demand control of activity in any direction relation to the time available. Activity which must by controlled will generally be as followed:

Document Control
Procurement Control (Construction Phase Only)
Submittal Control (Construction Phase Only)
Start Up Control
Quality Control
Envelope Control (Construction Phase Only)
Production Control
Modification Control (Construction Phase Only)
Cost Control
Accounting Control (Construction Phase Only)
Cash Flow Control (Construction Phase Only)
Safety/Security Control (Construction Phase Only)
Close Out Control (Construction Phase Only)

The preconstruction and construction process have very definite time constraints. Effective management demands that interim deadlines be met to assure that the overall time allowed for the project is also met.

Infinity calls these interim deadlines “phases”. Infinity’s project manager establishes calendar dates for these phases at the beginning of preconstruction and construction. The Owner and Architect are consulted and advised in this selection of deadline. The phases are generally structured as follows:

Preconstruction Phase, Mobilization Phase, Orientation Phase, Production Phase, Buy Out Phase, Close Out Phase

There is, of course, some overlap of the phases. They are distinct, however, in the activities which must be controlled during their term. For example, Document Control during the Mobilization phase involves distribution of plans to trades for field use. During the Production phase, it involves distribution of modification plans. During Closeout, it involves collection of As-Builts, etc.

Infinity has had tremendous success with this disciplined and methodical “step by step”, yet timely, control of project activity. We feel that this General Outline conveys to the reader that Infinity will manage you project with both precision and accountability.

Total Quality Management (TQM) is a relatively new concept that is gaining wide acceptance in many industries throughout the United States. At Infinity Design Builders, Inc., we are advocates of the TQM philosophy that challenges the management, supervision and production of a company to develop strategies for the improvement of the end product of their business.

At Infinity Design Builders, Inc., we believe that there is nothing cleaner, more simple and certainly more effective running than the construction process with a team of highly experienced professionals. There is no “pyramid” in the administration process. It is always overseen by one of the key principal officers within the organization.

Maybe this dedication requires the turning away of some projects, however, this would mean devoting our Quality Design and Building Construction time to those respective projects that require the necessary time and dedication as outlined in keeping with our corporate philosophy and our commitment to excellence.

Infinity Design Builders, Inc.
“Quality Design and Building Construction”
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