As evidenced by hundreds of projects, Bruce/Terrell Architects, Inc. continues to provide Construction Documents on tight schedules for a broad base of clients. Averaging a deadline of almost two projects a week, we have streamlined and standardized construction document practices. Managing the goals of timeliness, cost effectiveness, and enduring quality, these practices include:

For complex programs involving multiple user groups, a variety of functions and numerous existing constraints, Bruce/Terrell Architects define a Schedule of Performance at the onset of design. Strategic milestones, established in concert with user groups, include resolution of programmatic space requirements; pre-design task generation; budget forecasting; document phasing; and critical path projections.

Bruce/Terrell Architects and each of our consultants increase productivity, enhance coordination and expedite delivery through the use of Computer Aided Drafting (CAD). Each of the Project Team members run PC machines, supporting Auto CAD V.12, with enhancement software serving specific design needs. Consultants and prime consultant also take full advantage of office automation applications, including databases, word processing, spread sheets, desktop publishing, specification and time management programs. The uniformity of Auto CAD software among the Project Team insures the rapid communication, template sharing and error trapping necessary to speed construction documentation.

Bruce/Terrell Architects works continually with electrical, mechanical and structural engineering consultants. Most of our building experiences are shared by the engineering team, as well as other building types. Integration of experience and familiarity of decision-making processes among the Project Team members complete the components vital for expediting time for the preparation of bid documents while fully and accurately detailing the facility.

• The Architect shall review the program furnished by the Owner to ascertain the requirements of the Project and shall arrive at a mutual understanding of such requirements with the Owner.

• The Architect shall provide a preliminary evaluation of the Owner's program, schedule and construction budget requirements.

• The Architect shall review with the Owner alternative approaches to design and construction the Project.

• Based on the mutually agreed-upon program, schedule and construction budget requirements, the Architect shall prepare, for approval by the Owner, Schematic Design Documents consisting of drawings and other documents illustrating the scale and relationship of Project components.

• The Architect shall submit to the Owner a preliminary estimate of Construction Cost based on current area, volume or other unit costs.

Based on the approved Schematic Design Documents and any adjustments authorized by the Owner in the program schedule or construction budget, the Architect shall prepare, for approval by the Owner, Design Development Documents consisting of drawings and other documents to fix and describe the size and character of the Project as to architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical systems, materials and such other elements as may be appropriate. The Architect shall advise the Owner of any adjustments to the preliminary estimate of Construction Cost.

Based on the approved Design Development documents and any further adjustments in the scope or quality of the Project or in the construction budget authorized by the Owner, the Architect shall prepare for approval by the Owner the Construction Documents.

The Architect shall assist the Owner in the preparation of the necessary bidding information, bidding forms, the Conditions of the Contract, and the form of Agreement between the Owner and Contractor.

The Architect shall advise the Owner of any adjustments to previous preliminary estimates of Construction Costs indicated by changes in requirements or general market conditions.

The Architect shall assist the Owner in connection with the Owner's responsibility for filing documents required for the approval of governmental authorities having jurisdiction over the Project.

Bruce/Terrell Architecture has demonstrated superior contract administration. Typical construction phase documentation provided by Bruce/Terrell Architects, include Meeting Minutes, Shop Drawing Records, Architects Field Report, Proposal Requests and Owner/Architect Correspondence. The construction phase of our projects are thoroughly reviewed for contract document compliance and this information is fully recorded. The firm of Bruce/Terrell Architects has earned a reputation for delivering a detailed set of construction documents and demanding rigorous performance of those details in the field.

The Project Team follows a systematic procedure for ensuring timely delivery of the finished work. These include single-source project responsibility within the team by a registered architect with a minimum of ten years experience with field observation, and routine activities intended to monitor and maintain scheduled progress:

• Preconstruction Meetings which include the Owner's representative, General Contractorw and Subcontractors; presentation and discussion of the Contractor's Schedule as well as project requirements, analysis of critical path items and quality standards. Also in the Preconstruction meeting, shop drawings for long lead items or specialty items will be required so these items may be ordered as soon as possible. After the Preconstruction meeting, the Architect will review the contractor's schedule of potential overlaps of work that we do not consider good practice and advise accordingly.

• Weekly Site Visits by the Architect and resulting Field Reports, including biweekly observation by the Architect's consultants for work under their responsible control. Monthly Meetings with required attendance of all subcontractors and Architect's consultants whose work will be in the critical path, to coordinate and maintain schedules, identifying and solving detail problems and review of the Application For Payment.

• Special Purpose Meetings as necessary to resolve conflicts and arrive at solutions to problems not in accordance with the Contract Documents; and Substantial Completion and Punch-out, defining incomplete and unacceptable work and itemizing those responsibilities of the Contractor to facilitate Contract Close-out, as well as securing all operational manuals and warranties.

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