Infinity Design Builders, Inc., has several areas of assistance in developing your project, not limited to just construction but in these areas also:

Infinity Design Builders, Inc., can direct clients toward real estate opportunities which seem to fit their particular needs. Our experience can offer insight into matters which are not commonly available through real estate brokers. For example:

• Available utilities
• Quality of soil for structural loads
• Drainage issues
• Traffic matters
• Knowledge of other key markets such as Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Atlanta and Charlotte

With our experience and capability, we can “tailor” the site to the construction needs of the client, thus allowing the client to have the necessary information that they need to make the proper decisions during all stages of the construction process. Infinity Design Builders, Inc., can be a valuable member of the “Development Team”, even as early as the site selection phase of the construction project.

Infinity Design Builders, Inc. has constructed approximately seventy percent (70%) of their projects, under some aspect of “Design-Build” administration, since the inception of the company. The principal officers of Infinity each have 15 years of experience involving areas of design, construction administration, cost control, value engineering, preconstruction scheduling and scope-of-work coordination. The design build capabilities include:

Pre-Design: The Design-Build entity may put together a variety of experts to address pre-design needs.

Design: The architect is hired by the Design-Build entity, which typically interprets owners needs for designers. In-house “build” experts typically take on schedule, cost, constructibility, and quality-assurance tasks. Design-Build entity assumes liability for design efficacy.

Construction: Architects may interpret documents, but most other tasks assumed by Design-Build entity. Projects are typically fast-tracked.

Infinity Design Builders, Inc.
“Quality Design and Building Construction”
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