Infinity Design Builders, Inc. was formed to offer an alternative to conventional building design and construction practice. Combining the separately registered disciplines of Architecture and General Contracting, Infinity Design Builders, Inc. simplifies and expedites the complex process of building delivery. Significant advantages accruing to the Owner include early and firm commitments to building cost; reduction of project delivery time; and single-source responsibility for the life of the project. Infinity Design Builders, Inc. believes in the power of functional building design to enhance the daily lives of its users. Simultaneously, Infinity Design Builders, Inc. are end-product driven, recognizing that long-term value is embodied in quality construction.

The Principals of Infinity Design Builders, Inc. have learned, through the practice of Architecture, Development and Construction, that the effort to achieve a quality project begins in the design and planning stage, through documents and details, permitting and subcontractor qualification, and continues daily throughout construction.

By providing Architectural Services for a project, we establish a long term working relationship with our clients that continues through the construction phase of the project. By allowing the same team to serve as the “project manager” during the construction phase, we assure on a day to day basis that your project will be built with quality throughout.

Infinity Design Builders, Inc.:
“Quality Design and Building Construction, First, Last and Always”

Our experience with this process has lead us to significant repeat business and the referral of many new clients. After seventeen years and over 250 million construction dollars of Architectural services provided for a wide variety of project types, we understand a client’s expectation and deliver successful solutions.

We welcome your inquiry to any references provided to you and we are confident these references will attest to our abilities and philosophy.

This philosophy is the motivation for wanting to design and construct your project.

Infinity Design Builders, Inc.
“Quality Design and Building Construction”
FL Reg#: AAC001555 - CGC0005588