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7523 Phillips Highway
Jacksonville, FL 32241

Jim’s Concrete of Brevard, Inc. 904-886-4743
6869 Phillips Parkway Park South
Jacksonville, FL 32256

Munson & Bryan Electric 904-396-6689
3434 St. Augustine Road
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Gary Rodgers Plumbing 904-765-7964
1910-1 Bassett Road
Jacksonville, FL 32208

* Infinity Design Builders, Inc. is a financially secure construction company which currently maintains bonding lines consistent with individual project requirements up to a single project and/or aggregate of $15 million. Infinity Design Builders, Inc. has an unblemished record of discharging our financial responsibilities. A representative cross section of financial obligees, available for your contact as references to our payment performance, are available on request through our agents at Duns & Bradstreet.

Infinity Design Builders, Inc.
“Quality Design and Building Construction”
FL Reg#: AAC001555 - CGC0005588