Imagine a world where people are healthier, and heal more quickly from wounds. Where they are shielded from injury as they work, drive or even serve their communities.  Where the natural environment that sustains them is protected and nurtured.

That is the world the material scientists, engineers, and associates of Milliken & Company strive to create each day — with an unequaled success rate that has resulted in more than 2,200 patents since its inception in the mid-twentieth century.  A world where Innovation comes alive based on Deep Science, Meaningful Design and Unique Market Insights.

Milliken Research is the Research Division at the heart of the thriving Milliken & Company, one of the largest manufacturers in the world, with 7,000 associates in more than 45 locations around the globe.  With 19,000 products, you probably touch more than 50 Milliken products every day.

The largest research center of its kind, Milliken Research enjoys unparalleled support and resources from its parent company.  Milliken & Company’s resolute commitment to Innovation based on Deep Science, Meaningful Design and Unique Market Insights means continuous development of significant new products — products that make a difference in the quality of people’s lives, and in the success of businesses worldwide.

Milliken recruits the best and the brightest associates for this Research Division, then gives them state-of-the-art equipment, intellectual freedom and all the support they need to investigate materials — how materials work, how they can be used, how they can be altered and improved to make them more useful.

Imagine a place where time and money is spent in pursuit of knowledge. Where knowledge is used in the pursuit of innovation. And where innovation leads to products that make lives better.  And where those innovations create profitable, sustainable growth for Milliken & Company.

That’s Milliken Research. Where the future begins. Every day.

Create Profitable, Sustainable Growth for Milliken & Company through Innovation.

Formula for Success!

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