Innovation has been the heart of Milliken’s success since 1865. Our approach to Innovation is shaped by a compelling sense of purpose and animated by a spirit of creative play.

The spirit of play invigorates the curiosity to discover, the liveliness to imagine and the will to take initiative.  It encourages transparency, trust and risk-taking.  It uncovers unique insights, stimulates deep scientific inquiry and inspires meaningful design --- from these our Innovations are born.  

While this play enlivens our daily activities, its power is in its purpose – high ethical standards, market leadership and the highest quality products, services and experiences for our customers. 

It is this “Purposeful Play” approach to Innovation that allows Milliken to combine Deep Science, Meaningful Design and Unique Insights to create innovations that add value to people's lives, improve health and safety and make this world sustainable.
Formula for Success!

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