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The Milliken Research Outreach Program is a free School Science Program presented by volunteer scientists and engineers from Milliken Research.

It aims to pique the students' interest in science and engineering, and to inspire them to consider careers in these fields as they contemplate their future.  We do this by presenting modules that demonstrate the applications of science and technology in our everyday worlds — and do it in ways that are interesting and engaging for the students.  

Module 1: Building a Better Raincoat
In this module the scientists guide students through a discussion on what makes a good raincoat, brainstorm ways to make a raincoat, and demonstrate a water-repellent fabric.

Module 2 : Creating a Fabric for Ink-Jet Printers
This module emphasizes real world applications of scientific principles.  The students participate in a series of conductivity and chemiluminescence experiments, and participate in a brainstorming session on potential uses for this kind of chemistry.

Module 3: Brainstorming
This module partially answers the question of how and why Milliken & Company creates new products and new manufacturing processes.  It emphasizes the need to continually create new products and processes to remain competitive in the global marketplace.

Module 4: Cryogenics
The cryogenics module engages students with strong sensory demonstrations using liquid nitrogen and dry ice.  The demos have a "Fun Science" focus, but they also show transitions from gas to liquid, liquid to solid, solid to gas, and rubber to glass.

Every associate at Milliken Research was a kid once, too.  We're enthusiastic about sharing our passion for scientific research and development, and the extraordinary satisfactions that can be experienced in such a career.

To schedule a visit, e-mail Bernie Zeiler:
Milliken scientists and engineers are also available for judging Science Fairs at local schools.

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