Research iPads Program
Research iPads Program


The utilization of leading-edge technology is an everyday event at Milliken Research, the largest facility of its kind in the world.

Here, materials scientists and engineers are Masters of a Universe whose components include the finest equipment available. Heavyweight lab apparatus.  Giant machines. State-of-the-art computers.  Fine precision instruments.

And yet.  

And yet a one-and-one-half pound, half-inch-deep "toy" has got the Masters pondering a question usually reserved for the elemental materials they're investigating: "How can we improve what we do by using THIS little thing?"

This little thing is the iPad mobile digital device and Milliken scientists and engineers are testing it for use in the critical function of documenting and uploading each step of scientific research to our database for patent submissions.  

Our hypothesis?  The creative/analytical nature of Milliken researchers  x  intuitive/interactive nature of the iPad device  =  innovation to the Millikenth degree.

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