Carpet Inkjet Technologies
Carpet Inkjet Technologies


The world's first digital carpet printer
, was invented and commercialized by Milliken & Company.  And because of this new technology, we have changed the face of floor coverings forever.

Our passion for scientific innovation
is what led Milliken to develop the injection dyeing process used in our carpet inkjet printer. Unlike overprinting processes — screen or transfer printing — which add color only to the tips of the carpet's fibers, injection dyeing process permeates carpet fibers entirely with color.

In the 1970s, the digital world was just beginning to unfold and Milliken was at the forefront of using computers to model and create patterns. The computer-controlled microjets of the carpet inkjet printer, inject dye with surgical precision deep into the face of the carpet.

Carpet inkjet printer accuracy makes Milliken the superior manufacturer of printed carpets and mats for logos, patterns, and vibrant solids.  Carpet inkjet printers apply the patterns and logos with precise registration and clarity to create extremely intricate and detailed designs.

Carpet inkjet printers can achieve amazing definition
. This same technology gives us the unique ability to blend colors on carpet, greatly expanding the color palette.

Entire designs can be changed without pause
as carpet passes through the carpet inkjet printer.  A pattern follows a logo, which follows a solid — all directed by a computer, working as designed to create unsurpassed carpet beauty.


Carpet Inkjet Printer Technology is in steady development at Milliken.

Carpet Inkjet Printer Technology will greatly enhance the quality and efficiency of manufacturing processes, with benefits that include:
  • Step change in deflected jet technology
  • Run While Cleaning
  • Improved Process Reliability
  • Improved Print Clarity
  • Improved Color
  • Maximization of Current Assets

Improving technologies already recognized as "Best in Class" demonstrates the commitment of Milliken & Company to leadership through innovation — innovation made possible through the focused efforts of Milliken Research.


Our current development of Carpet Inkjet
Digital Printing Technology defines the next generation of carpet inkjet technology. Its extraordinary advancements in high resolution, high drop volume process color printing and multi-substrate capabilities have wide-ranging applications throughout many industries.

Technology advances demonstrated by recent Carpet Inkjet Digital Printing Technology include:
  • Multi-deflectionTechnology
  • Process color
  • Digital Color Management

Further Advancements
  • Extended Color Gamut
  • Print Clarity
  • Print Quality
  • Broad Range of Substrates

The range of nozzle sizes and variable resolutions in Carpet Inkjet Digital Printing Technology could enable applications to an extensive range of products in: 
  • Graphic arts, bottles, document printing, electronics (LCD)
  • Apparel, corrugated packaging
  • Ceramic tiles, coating applications, upholstery fabrics
  • Flags and banners, towels, carpet

Design and manufacturing possibilities in the automotive, ceramic tile, floor coverings, plastics, cardboard and flat goods industries would benefit from Carpet Inkjet Digital Printing Technology — and ensure that Milliken & Company retains its worldwide leadership position in continuous inkjet printing technology.

Formula for Success!

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