Clean Textile Surfaces
Clean Textile Surfaces



They're the attributes people were wishing for but never expected to find.  So the associates at Milliken made a lot of dreams come true with the creation of our innovative "Smart Fabrics" line.

Combining textile expertise and specialty chemistry, Milliken technologies can be applied to a range of fabrics to enhance performance. Major customers in numerous industries around the world have adopted Milliken's innovative fabric solutions to address the market demands for stain prevention and odor control.  Two of the most popular Milliken's smart fabrics are StainSmart3® Fabrics and VisaEndurance® Fabrics.

StainSmart3 Fabrics is a differentiator with value.  It repels spills, releases stains, and wicks away perspiration.  Using a combination of two balanced technologies, StainSmart3 Fabrics merges repellency with stain release, offering: 
  • Excellent repellency; liquid spills bead up and roll off
  • Tough ground-in stains are easily released in washing
  • Fabric stays soft and comfortable even after washing
  • Color stays in; won't wash out
  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • Machine washable/Easy care

VisaEndurance fabric technologies combine effective long-lasting odor control with moisture management and easy care. The innovative VisaEndurance fabric excels in its combination of odor control with a multitude of other performance capabilities for overall comfort, including:
  • The control of most odors
  • Antimicrobial Silver Ion Technology 
  • Wicks perspiration away from the body 
  • Dries quickly 
  • Releases stains 
  • Soft and breathable 
  • Wide range of weights and fabrics
  • Durable

VisaEndurance fabric acts like a pump to pull moisture away from the skin so it can evaporte into the atmosphere.  The effect of this technology for the wearer is to keep cool and dry in heat, and warm and dry in cold.

Today, Milliken's family of smart fabrics can be found in a range of market segments including apparel, commercial uniform, workwear, military and hospitality.  More than ever, they're what people are wishing for — and now they're easy to find.

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