Fire Retardant Textiles
Fire Retardant Textiles


Milliken Research is leading the development
of new fire retardant chemistries for multiple applications including military and industrial uniforms, arc flash applications, and composites. Integrating trends and regulation changes, we are focused on greener solutions for environmental- and health-conscious chemistry as well as increased protection and comfort.

Our new Amplitude® fabrics for workwear offer a previously-unavailable comfort and durability with increased protection.  Engineered comfort includes softness, air permeability and the lightest-weight treated HRC2 fabric available. 

A proprietary ammonia-free system is used to process the fabrics, which are constructed of a blend created by Milliken to mitigate potential injuries due to electric arc and flash fire exposure — with excellent protection ratings:
  •   UL Recognized 
  •   NFPA 2112, CGSB 155.20
  •   Kinetrics Arc Rated NFPA 70E HRC2, CSA Z462

For military applications, Milliken fire-retardant technology is being used to maximum effectiveness in our ability to incorporate flame-resistant fabrics into clothing and gear for extreme and specialized usage.  Milliken's military flame-resistant fabrics go into some of the most advanced military clothing on the planet.

Milliken Research advancements in fire-retardant technology also enables the replacement and/or reduction of the use of aramids, which are non-melting, high performance polymers that are very expensive.  Comparable performance results have been achieved with 50% less aramid has been demonstrated.

At Milliken, the commitment to advancements in fire-retardant technologies is unwavering — and our continual progress in the protection of human life is deeply satisfying.
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