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Medical Textiles


Milliken's patented Active Fluid Management® (AFM®) Wound Dressings provides ACTIVE fluid movement — a revolutionary advancement beyond the passive absorption and limited capacity provided by traditional dressings.

AFM dressings are crafted with special polymeric materials that preferentially move fluid to one side of the dressing. This pumping action does not wear out over time, permitting less frequent dressing changes. Because AFM dressings pumps away excess fluid throughout the indicated wear time of the dressing, AFM dressings can help reduce maceration.

A small amount of fluid is maintained at the surface of AFM dressings to promote moist wound healing. AFM dressings allow clinicians to take a proactive approach to wound care by optimizing moisture balance and helping to prevent maceration. 

AFM Wound Dressings
  • Pumps fluid away without allowing strike back
  • Full foam layer field flow allows greater utilization of absorption capacity
  • Works especially well with graft and donor sites and under compression
  • Extended wear time

With significant benefits in patient care and medical management, Milliken's AFM wound dressing technology products have been embraced by the medical and health care communities 
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