Protective Technologies
Protective Technologies


In the battle to protect our military personnel in combat situations

Abrams ICVC
Fabrics — Fighting Fire with FR Milliken's military flame-resistant fabrics go into some of the most advanced military clothing on the planet, protecting our warfighters in life-threatening situations.

Vanguard™ Fabrics — Science to Stop Knives Vanguard prevents separation, forcing a stabbing weapon to engage the fibers and transfer energy.  The subsequent layers see a rapidly-blunted weapon, stopping the threat.  Vanguard technology imparts outstanding stab resistance to woven ballistic fabrics, rendering ballistic vests containing Vanguard fabrics also stab-resistant.

Barricade Fabrics — Chem/Bio Protection  Stops infiltration of liquids, vapors and aerosols of chemical and biological warfare agents through a thin fabric; requires a fast adsorbent and a complete surface coverage.  Fabric must be breathable and comfortable.  Both fabric and adsorbent used need to be durable to laundry and wear-and-tear.  Adsorbent in the fabric must be resistant to contaminants such as sweat, urine, sea water, rain, Decon fluids, and diesel fuels.

Cyclops™ Fabrics — One-Way Visible Shield  Security Veil for Military.  One-way see-through Material Product has been shipped to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Djibouti, Africa (guard tower).

ULCANS™ Camouflage — The Art of Invisibility. ULCANS camouflage is an ultra light camouflage netting system.  Woven and Knit garnish (top layer) fabrics which are treated with RAM (Radar Attenuating Material).

Milliken is proud to apply our chemical and materials science knowledge and experience to create innovations and technologies that give warfighters the edge they require today. We will continue to develop the technologies of tomorrow — technologies that are ushering in a new kind of warfighter:  the next-generation warrior.
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