Engineered Nonwovens
Engineered Nonwovens


The commercial use of nanofibers has exploded over the last five years, and the fabrication of nanofibers — fibers with diameters of several hundred nms or less — has been a major focus of development at Milliken.

Moving forward with a patented technology to “mass produce” nanofibers, Milliken's mission is to lead the industry with its proprietary method for cost-effectively manufacturing nanofibers at high quality and larger volumes.

Milliken's Nanofiber technology results in a product that is superior in key areas:
  • Material Filtration
  • Oil Absorption
  • Acoustical Absorption
  • Thermal Absorption
  • Fine enough to grow skin and organ cells

Among all of nanofiber technology's multiple known applications and innumerable potential ones, none were more important to Milliken than its potential to help clean up the Gulf of Mexico in 2010's oil spill crisis.  Milliken's intensified efforts resulted in its accelerated delivery of a Low-Float Sorbent pad that was half the weight of other industry options, with a maximized surface area resulting in high oil-absorption properties of 50 times its own weight.  

Leading the industry in high absorption rates regardless of the application, Milliken's high-quality nanofibers can be produced in large quantities with short production times, for a more cost-effective product.  It's a formula for success at the molecular level — and the measure of a Milliken innovation. 
Formula for Success!

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