Fiber Composite Structures
Fiber Composite Structures


Stock Car Vehicle Aerosplitters. Travel luggage.  Kayaks.   Bullet-resistant military protection. All formed from a lightweight material that's making a heavyweight impact in numerous applications across industries and across the globe. 

Tegris® Composites are a revolutionary fabric from Milliken — a 100% polypropylene thermoplastic composite with excellent impact resistance and stiffness in a lightweight composition.  It's based on patented technology, which creates a highly-engineered polypropylene tape yarn with a highly-drawn core for strength properties within a lower melt polymer matrix for composite processing.

Designed to be easily processed, Tegris composites are available in fabric or sheet stock, and is ideal for panel or molded applications where impact resistance, stiffness and weight are primary concerns.

Impact Resistance  Tegris composites provide 2X to 15X improvement in impact resistance over typical thermoplastic and thermoplastics composites. It's impact performance is so good that it is being used as an armor solution against ballistic threats. Tegris maintains this performance level even at low temperatures (-40°C).

Stiffness  Tegris composites are suitable to applications that have traditionally turned to glass reinforcement to achieve stiffness requirements.

Weight Reduction  Tegris composites, being 100% PP, allow for tremendous weight reduction compared to other, higher density, glass-filled composite structures.

Recyclability  Tegris composites are fully compatible with polypropylene recycle streams. While the material has unique properties, these all return to standard PP upon full melting normally encountered in recycle extrusion.

Glass-Free  Tegris composites are free from the safety and processing issues associated with glass-filled composites, namely skin irritation and tool wear.

Design Flexibility  Tegris composites allow for the creation of a wide variety of composite structures. A single layer of Tegris fabric is 0.005" (0.132 mm) thick and weighs 0.02 lbs/ft² (0.11 Kg/m²) which allows for composites to be "tuned" to a high degree of precision based on impact or stiffness requirements.

Milliken's Tegris composites are a result of innovative technology that's transformed the formation of products worldwide.  It sets a new standard in performance materials that impact the world:

TRANSPORTATION  Liners / Floors  AUTOMOTIVE  Load Floors / Underbody Shields / Air Dams 
WATER SPORTS  Small Boats / Watercraft  CONSTRUCTION  Architectural Panels / Composite Panels CONSUMER PRODUCTS  Luggage / Helmets / Outdoor Furniture / Playground Equipment
BALLISTICS  Ballistic Panels / Blast Deflectors / Blast Blankets

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