Fiber Reinforced Composites
Fiber Reinforced Composites


Milliken associates have created a next-generation composite fabric that's lighter, durable and specifically designed for infusion. It's being introduced to the global marketplace as NexCore™ composite material by Milliken & Company.

NexCore material will enable reduction in weight, improvement in mechanical properties, and reduction of cost in multiple industries and countless applications. Milliken composites experts can engineer solutions for advanced composite applications, with a fully-capable infusion and testing lab that allows us to develop and evaluate solutions.

NexCore material is made from non-crimp reinforcements and low density foam engineered for resin infusion, providing molders with an alternative for resin infused sandwich structures that is:

  • Lighter  Excellent shear modulus and tensile modulus allows for weight reduction of 20% - 35% compared to similar Balsa and PVC (60kg) cores. Translates directly into cost savings through lower resin and skin materials consumption.
  • Durable  Unique design of geometry allows for high toughness, high impact resistance, and good fatigue resistance. Unique segmented structure reduces potential for crack propagation. Constructed completely from composite materials thus unaffected by water or other environmental factors. 
  • Designed for Infusion  Reliable skin core bonding and durable composite trusses provide for constant front flow, excellent fiber wet-out, with less consumables and setup required. Truss structure provides natural resin channels to allow flow both along the panel, and from top to bottom, eliminating the need for infusion grooves and perforation. Improved flow characteristics can reduce/eliminate need for flow media thus reducing setup time and consumables.

The development of NexCore Material by Milliken significantly impacts industrial markets — and contributes to the profitable and sustained growth of Milliken & Company.

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