Next Gen Flooring Tech
Next Gen Flooring Tech


To the associates at Milliken Research, technology IS beautiful. But we know
that concept is more easily apprehended by the world when it is laid out at their feet, framing a perfect union of aesthetic design and plush performance — the Nōtan™ Carpet Collection.

Nōtan explores nuance of tonality with its bold, expressive strokes.  Graphic compositions are created by simple forms coming together on a rich striated base. Each modular tile installation becomes an original floor mural.

But to our associates, its beauty goes deeper. The result of another "perfect union" — that of Milliken & Company acquiring Constantine Carpet — Nōtan carpet tile is the first product to combine Milliken and Constantine's unique technologies.  

A finely textured, piece-dyed base from Constantine was patterned using Milliken's latest print technology —  creating a design that showcases changes in opacity in a manner not possible through any other technique.

It's a remarkably beautiful innovation. And the NeoCon World Trade Fair acknowledged the achievement by giving the Nōtan Carpet Collection its NeoCon 2010 Innovation Award.

Art and technology.  Milliken and Constantine.  The next generation of flooring technology has begun.
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