Physical Testing
Physical Testing


Milliken's Physical Testing Laboratory provides information on the physical properties of textile materials, with most of the evaluations following standard procedures, e.g. ASTM, AATCC standards.

The laboratory is meticulous in maintaining a conditioned area at 65% RH and 70 Deg. F for following procedures that require testing at "Standard Conditions."  The accuracy and reproducibility of data obtained is crucial to the process of scientific investigation, exploration, and innovation.  

Everything we examine, everything we create, is tested for expected — and unexpected — results.  

Critically-important services offered by Physical Testing include:
  • Abrasion Testing and Special Testing
  • CFR 1610 and other flammability tests
  • Colorfastness(other than light exposure)
  • Construction Test
  • Light Exposure
  • Low Stress Evaluation(Kawabata)
  • Strength Test
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Wash and Wear Performance
  • Weathering
  • Water Effects

Milliken's standards of quality and accuracy are world-renowned, and Physical Testing's contribution is vital to our continuing leadership in innovative product development.
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