Pyro Analytical Testing
Pyro Analytical Testing


Milliken operates the Pyro Analytical Center, a certified burn lab for 16 CFR 1633 mattress burn testing.

Advancements in the development of fire-protected mattresses by Milliken have significantly contributed to human safety.

Critical testing services provided by the lab include:
  • TPP (Thermal Protective Performance)
  • MCC (Microscale Combustion Calorimetry)
  • LOI (Limiting Oxygen Index)
  • DSC-TGA (Differential Scanning Calorimetry-Thermo Gravimetric Analysis)
  • Vertical & Horizontal Flammability Testing.

Each of these tests analyzes specific characteristics of the combustion cycle or the physical and thermal effects to articles during the burning process.

Every combustion event is comprised of many variables and effects.  Milliken's suite of analytical and physical tests enables us to identify, understand and predict these variables — a critical arsenal of information that leads to innovative efforts to resist or retard the destructive power of fire.

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