Prototype Machine Shops
Prototype Machine Shops


Materials scientists and engineers search for knowledge, explore potentials, propose innovations.  But unless a thing can be made — manufactured — for widespread use, its value is limited.

Machines make the products.  But man makes the machines.

The evolution of Milliken's relationship with machinery reflects the progress of the nineteenth, twentieth and now twenty-first centuries.  In the 1860s, Milliken already had a profound and vested interest in machines that manufactured goods on a mass scale.  Fast forward nearly a hundred years to 1945, when Milliken Research and its "The Machine Shop" began operations  in a "brick bungalow bedroom" in Clemson, SC.  Several iterations and locations later,  Milliken's technology-driven Prototype Machine Shop operates on the corporate headquarters campus in Spartanburg, SC.

And the evolution of the machines is a man-made wonder:

3D Profiling
Using programming through CAD/CAM software we are able to produce complex concave and convex milling in 3D.

Full Computer Numeric Control (CNC) Capabilities
Three and four axis computer numerical control lathes and milling machines capable of multiple operations and procedures using computer aided manufacturing software or manual inputs from the craftsman.

Drilling small holes down to 0.004 (four thousandths), or the size of a human hair.

Micro-machining small slots down to 0.002 (two thousandths) and milling procedures within tight tolerances.

Welding / Sheet Metal / Fabrication
Complete sheet metal and welding capabilities.

As a global manufacturing company with 45 locations internationally working on 19,000 products, Milliken & Company's interest in innovative machinery remains profound and vested. Milliken's Prototype Machine Shop is a critical contributor to the process.

Formula for Success!

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